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Services Offered

Couples Therapy

Relationships are complicated. Initially everything seems to work naturally. Then as time and life moves on, things change. Beginning with fire and passion, and ending in boredom, stagnation, and contempt. Infidelity, fighting, hurt, and eventually once lovers become barely friends. Sound familiar?


The good news is that there is hope. I use a combination of Gottman techniques with my own brand of collaborative team building techniques to help you get back the love and friendship that you’ve been missing.

Sexual Relational Therapy

There are many reasons why sex goes down the tubes. Experience, education, trauma, boredom, fear, body image concerns, and embarrassment are just a few of those reasons. I have experience with sexual addictions, sexual aversions, desire disorders, kink, and with couples who just want to spice it up a bit. Want to improve your sex life? Let’s set up an appointment.


Are you having difficulty with a friendship? Would you like some help with resolving it? Then come on in, and bring your friend. Let’s work it out together.

Psychology in the Workplace

What is the culture of your business? How is morale? Is your leadership effective? Are people getting along? Is communication effectively or lacking? What are your productivity barriers? Would you like to do better? Let’s chat about goals while over coffee by the bay.

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